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Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

In a society that gives everyone a trophy, it’s very hard to believe that my upcoming statement is so non-relevant to so many people. I HAVE VERY LITTLE PATIENCE FOR LOSERS! Now I am not talking about losing a sporting contest or anything such. I am talking about the people that get mad and take their ball home because they feel they can’t win. We are talking about the people that believe everyone deserves a trophy non-sense. I’m calling them the “participation trophy society”!

America’s Idols!

Back in the day, America and I hated to lose and loved to win. During this time, failure was considered the unpardonable sin. Before he became president, Donald Trump was adored for his deal-making savvy. Michael Jordan was a basketball “god”, and everyone seemed to be a Bulls fan. America idolized winners. Generation after generation Americans engulfed a winning attitude. This attitude is what won our independence.

But something seemed to change in the 1950s and ’60s. And it is in the ’60s that my story started. By the world’s standards at that time, I guess you would say that I was a looser. I remember back when I was 16 years old, I had one goal in mind. I wanted to be an evangelist. Goals of driving a big RV, traveling the States doing revival after revival. My life goal was to serve God with everything I had. I promise you, it wasn’t to become a failure in the world’s eyes. I believe that is the way most of us start our lives out, with big dreams.

Church, it was during the early stages of America everybody wanted success. Because failure came all too easy. No one wanted to be called a failure. But here is the thing, failure is just a part of life. You can’t let the fear of failure paralyze you. What’s the worse that can happen? You fail so what! The pain of failing makes us strive for perfection. Get up and dust yourself off, and try again!


But in today’s “participation trophy society”, no one wants to hear that. They had rather lie, cheat, steal, lower their standards, or even their morals just to succeed. Give it to me on a silver platter, they cry! Instead of going and earning it themselves.

Here is a lesson that every one of us needs to learn, FAILURE IS JUST PART OF LIFE! When we fail, it teaches us to minimize our mistakes. That’s the reason we have this “participation trophy society” that we are living in now. No one likes the feeling of failure. But instead of not trying or giving everyone a trophy, we need to learn to strive to keep from failing again. It is when we fail, we learn how to survive and recover from failure.


Today on Apostolic Talkin we will look at what God says about failure in His Word. I will show you four things that you can do to overcome your failures. Church, you need to forget what society is trying to teach you! Instead, learn what God says about the failures that WILL COME INTO YOUR LIFE! HEAR ME OUT, not if, but when you fail.

That is the first thing and probably the most important lesson you need to learn! EVERYBODY FAILS!

His Holy Word!

Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD!

Listen up “participation trophy society”, Welcome to humanity, you guys might as well “suck it up buttercup”. Because Failure IS JUST PART OF LIFE!

James 3:2 “We all stumble in many ways.”….

I don’t care how good of a person you think you are. It doesn’t matter if you are successful in life or not. Every single one of us is living proof of this verse. Look, Saints, failure is a part of life. YOU will FAIL! How do I know? The Bible tells us so! “We all stumble in many ways.”

Facts of YOUR LIFE!

Now, Saints, you will have to be honest with yourself as we review the facts of your life.

FACT #1 You have already failed many, many times in your life.

FACT #2 If I were a betting man, I would bet you are probably failing in some area of your life right now. How do I know that you ask? There is some sin in your life that you just can’t seem to avoid. Saints, It’s just unavoidable! YOU will fail many more times. FACE IT CHURCH, it’s a part of life.

His Holy Word!

Ecclesiastes 7:20 For there is no one truly righteous person on the earth who continually does good and never sins.

The closest you will ever get to perfection in this “participation trophy society” is when you fill out a job application. And that is only because you don’t discuss your failures! You describe your successes. And when you’re describing yourself or handing them your resume about yourself, the funny thing is that’s the best you will ever be. But here’s the truth again, EVERYONE FAILS! Even those who are the best at what they do, do not do it right all the time.

Look at America’s so-called superstars. Pro basketball players miss an average of 50% of their shots. Also, did you know that a professional baseball is considered outstanding if he can get on base 3 out of every 10 times he gets up to bat? And the players who hit the most home runs usually strike out the most. Besides that, they strike out more than they get on base. And they are America’s so-called superstars. Those are the ones who in this “participation trophy society” get paid the multi-million dollar contracts. Those spoiled little knee bending brats are also part of America’s problems.


I better change subjects before I get into trouble! As I was preparing for this “PowerCast” I heard of a pastor who was teaching on Romans 3:23. I don’t think I will ever forget this but during his teaching, He said, “We’ve all fallen short. And he continued, Thank God that He forgives our “FALLING SHORTS”!

Morally Church, I guess we all have “FALLING SHORTS”! If I can stop giggling, I will tell you what I mean by “FALLING SHORTS”! It is during those times in our lives we goof up real bad! We have all been there, those acts that leave us embarrassed. We all have had those times in our lives that we have “FALLING SHORTS”.

Now, once you accept this as a fact of life, how do we get to be a success in life when we have “FALLING SHORTS”? Well, we must refuse to be plucked out of life or our spiritual walk based on some blunder, or even a series of blunders! Saints, please listen, it doesn’t matter if it was a Spiritual or a moral “washout,” WE CONTINUE OUR RACE!

The problem that most of our prodigals have. They keep repeating the same failures. Failure in a prodigal or backslider’s life keeps them down. Satan keeps attacking them. It is at this time they give up. Feeling as if they are in the pig pens of life. Church, we need to remember the Word of God. “Even the righteous man falls many times…” “We all make mistakes, and we all stumble over sins.”

His Holy Word!

2 Corinthians 4:9 we are persecuted, but not abandoned; we are knocked down, but not destroyed.

Everyone, listen up “We might be knocked down BUT WE ARE NEVER KNOCKED OUT!” If you get knocked down, GET BACK UP! PULL YOUR SHORTS UP and try again. Every one of us falls. Here is the truth, Church! “It’s not a failure if you’ll get back up”! You’re never a failure until you give up.

During those times in your life when you have those “FALLING SHORTS”, throw up your hands in repentance, placing them in the One’s hand who can keep you, who can forgive you, who can heal you! He will pull you out of the muck and grime of this pig pen nasty world and put you on the path of righteousness. BUT YOU HAVE TO ALLOW HIM TO HELP YOU!

The question that everyone on the planet must answer for themselves. How do you reduce or eliminate “FALLING SHORTS”? Well, the Outspoken Apostolic will give you the answer! The best way is to redefine failure. And we do that is by asking ourselves, What is failure? Now I want you to take heed to this answer Saints, Failure is not failing to reach your dreams. FAILURE IS NOT HAVING A DREAM! Nor is a failure not setting a goal and missing it. FAILURE IS REFUSING TO GET BACK UP! Let me help you redefine failure: Failure is refusing to try again.

Personal Question?

How did you learn to ride a bike? You got on it, you fell off. You got on it again, you fell off again…. Finally, you got on that bike and you stayed on it for five seconds, then ten seconds. You kept falling and getting back up until you got it!

And that is the lesson that we need to learn about our “FALLING SHORTS”! If you keep giving up every single time you try something new, you’ll never have success! You’ll never succeed in life until you learn to pick yourself up and try again. Saints, all failure is, IS REFUSING TO TRY AGAIN!

Backsliders and Saints alike, you need to comprehend what I am about to say! YOUR TESTS ARE NOT OVER! Until we are called up to Glory, life will always deal us a test. Don’t you understand that we are tried by fire? Our Christian life every day is a test. The Bible says that “we have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.” But Praise God it also says, “the righteous fall many times, BUT HE RISES AGAIN!”

Concentrate and listen

Concentrate and listen to my words here, my friends: Being resilient doesn’t equal righteousness! But it is one characteristic of a successful Saint of God. If they fall, they pull up their “FALLING SHORTS”! Look, backsliders, stop thinking your mistakes are so bad that they are unforgivable and unrecoverable in the eyes of God! You remember that God Love You. So pull up your shorts and open up the Word of God and read!

Isaiah 59:1 Look, the Lord’s hand is not too weak to deliver you; his ear is not too deaf to hear you.

I wished someone could get this message. Just because you fail, doesn’t mean you give up. You fall, you reach up to the Father, and you let Him pull you back into active duty. You let Him pull you back into wholeness, completeness, and healing. Here lies the problem with some of you, unfortunately, you have failed to do just that!

You must stop letting that haunting memory of failure hang over you like a black cloud. I love you all backsliders, SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP. You failed. You know it, and others know it. Might as well admit it, you had “FALLING SHORTS”! Find yourself an altar and REPENT! God is calling you home, my friends. You must trust me when I say, time is VERY SHORT.

That’s just part of life.

Every single one of us has failed. But Saints who are successful at serving God, we have learned to accept God’s grace and forgiveness and move on. All of us need to understand that God has said, “I will forgive you,” and then it becomes a reality in our lives. But hear me, this is not a license to sin, it’s the understanding of God’s love and His mercy.

In light of this understanding, let’s take a moment and examine what it means to be righteous. One example is the “righteous” individuals that we read about in Proverbs. We must understand they are not some super Spiritual elite group! I guess you could say they pull their shorts up the same we do. They are or were common men, with common failures, who also have this in common: THEY JUST KEEP ON GETTING BACK UP!

It is important to realize that when you fail, and you will don’t act like you’re the only one that has ever fallen. You shouldn’t refuse to run the race just because your shorts fell, pull them up, and get on with your race! Every single soul must learn to endure to the end. YOU ARE NEVER A FAILURE UNTIL YOU GIVE UP!

The important thing to remember, everybody fails. Failure is not fatal. With that lesson learned, let me give you a story great in advice as well as instruction. It will teach you a way to handle failure.

Farmer & Donkey.

A farmer was out one day with his ancient donkey. The donkey fell in a deep, dry well. The farmer was distraught because he didn’t know what to do. He called some of his friends over to help him try to rescue the donkey, but nothing they attempted worked. The farmer who loved his old donkey, couldn’t bear the thought of his beloved donkey just staying down there dying a slow death, so he decided that they would just throw dirt in on top of the donkey, and bury him in the well.

But here is the amazing part. After several shovel loads of dirt, the farmer glanced down into the well and was amazed by what he saw. He saw the donkey getting closer to him. He wondered how it was happening. So he watched, and with every shovel of dirt that would hit the donkey’s back, he would just shake it off, and then step on it, making his way up a little at a time.

What great advice! All of us have fallen in the well of failure more times than not. But the donkey teaches us a lesson of God’s Grace. If you have fallen, If you have failed, If you have blown it and messed up DON’T DESPAIR! All you need to do is ask for forgiveness, shake off the dirt, and let the experience teach you something. What can it teach you, you may ask? It can teach you to “Shake it off, BUTTERCUP, and take a step!” Failure isn’t final with the Father! And that’s JUST — a fact JACK.


Now, Just in case you haven’t figured it out by now, I hate what political correctness has done to America. One of the first lessons that everybody needs to learn in this “participation trophy society” is that there are things in life that you will fail. Not everyone can be a doctor, nor can everyone be a master carpenter. There is not a soul on this planet that hasn’t failed at something in their life. Failure is just part of life. SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP AND LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT!

How can we learn to deal with failure when everyone wins a trophy? Do we want to live our lives in some parental bubble in mommy’s basement? Letting our mother deal with all of our life’s problems.

To clarify Saints, the Bible tells us that. “We all stumble.” WE MUST LEARN TO HANDLE THESE FAILURES CHURCH. Many people stay bound their entire lives because of failure! They either allowed one major failure or several small ones, to bind them. And soon it became a repeat offense.

It is important to realize I am not giving you a license to sin. Heaven forbid! This is not the case. I am trying my best to inform you that IF YOU SIN, YOU HAVE AN ADVOCATE WHO WILL FORGIVE YOU OF THAT SIN. You don’t have to make the mistake of self-disappointment because you failed. Yes, you can be disappointed in yourself, but that doesn’t mean that it is a testimonial of God’s disappointment in you.

His Holy Word!

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is enough for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” So then, I will boast most gladly about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may reside in me.

To emphasize, God ministers to us through our failings, the insufficient areas of our lives. Now, once again, I am not saying that you need not strive to do good. I am telling you that you need to put failure into its proper focus. Sometimes in each of our lives when we sin. There’s no sugar-coating the truth here, Church! You can not say it any other way, WE ALL SIN! But here’s the thing, there are other times when we just feel “satanic guilt.” Understand, the devil just wants you to feel guilty, for no reason. He wants you to feel like a failure.

A Better Perspective.

I pray that you understand two things about failure. I hope that you let this teaching fine turn some areas in your life and give you a better perspective.

1. Remember That Everybody Fails. It’s a fact of life, and Biblical truth. We all have “FALLING SHORTS!”

2. Realize That Failure Isn’t Fatal. The devil will try to convince you that you will never get back up. Just, please remember, Failure isn’t fatal, it’s not the end. Failure isn’t final with the Father and it shouldn’t be final with you. When you have those moments of “FALLING SHORTS”! Suck it up and pull em up, Buttercup!

All right, as we move on, let me share with you two more things that we should do.


Now wait a minute Outspoken Apostolic, are you kidding me, are you telling me they are benefits to failing? Well, in today’s everybody is a winner “participation trophy society” it’s hard to see them, but yes. Most people think of failure as a negative experience. If you are one of these people, I challenge you to re-read one of my favorite books. It’s called Proverbs. Wise Saints of God learn from the failures of life. Wise Saints take those failures and use them to their advantage, making the most of a bad situation. When wise people have “FALLING SHORTS” they use them as a stepping stone. Just like the donkey, they shake it off, step up and move on! They get back up and try again.

Church, with this in mind, learn from your failures, learn from your mistakes. One of God’s primary tools in making you the person He wants you to be is a failure! God uses your failures to mold you, to shape you, to develop your character.

Think about it this way. You rarely learn anything from success. Rarely. The reason being is that self gets in the way. You think of yourself…. “It’s just because of sheer natural talent that made me successful.” How about this one? “I just instantly knew how to do it.”

Listen up “participation trophy society” you can learn from your failures. If you allow Him to, God will use those failures in your life for multiple benefits. They are too many benefits to list here today, so I will give you 3. So pick up your pencil and paper and write these 3 benefits down.


God uses the failures in my life to educate me. All of us must realize that mistakes are a learning process. Just like riding a bicycle, it’s something you can only learn from failure. Failing in things in your life will teach you about yourself. You will learn what kind of person you are by your failures. You will learn the weak areas of your life and the strong areas. An example being if you fail at math, you will not make a good engineer.


We learn that our ways are not good enough to motivate us to succeed. It is here that we discover our inability to resist temptation. We find out that we must learn to stand on our own two feet. We recognize that we don’t know enough on our own. That our wisdom and knowledge are not enough to get us through in life. Failure teaches us about our self.


Failure teaches us about God, His power, ability, sufficiency. Failure will teach you that you need Jesus. You need nothing in this “participation trophy society!” And that should force you to open up God’s textbook, the Holy Word of God, and study!

Henceforth, as a pastoral counselor, I find it typical that more times than not that a person’s Bible is on the shelf collecting dust when trouble hits. When the crisis comes, when the heat’s on, when the winds arise, people grab their Bibles and run to the altars. They beg for help, looking for truthful answers and instructions out of the Bible. Looking for instruction! Looking for comfort, support, and encouragement! They’re looking for the truth! Think of it this way. There sometimes in our lives that God uses failures to get us into His Word, to get us on the alter, so we may learn from His Wisdom.

Everything is great?

If your life was just unbroken strings of successes, and you never failed in life, if everything you turned to gold, and every game you played you won if the career you had always succeeded if every investment you made, made millions of dollars, you had the Midas touch baby, Do you realize how difficult of a human being you would be to live with? You would be a very portentous person. You would have an ego a mile wide, with so much pride, so much haughtiness, with your ego you would be impossible to live with. So God just allows all of us to have a little failure in our lives, so we’re not so arrogant.

Word To The Wise From The Outspoken 1.

Failure in life does not automatically make you a better person. Everyone has problems in this “participation trophy society.” Just because you have problems doesn’t automatically mean your character will grow. Be willing to confess your “FALLING SHORTS” and then respond in the right way. I am sure we all know that one person who has been through problem after problem, and they’re still a problem themselves. They just can’t seem to get out of their own way!

Crisis after crisis, failure after failure, it’s like they are on the rinse and repeat cycle of life. Why is that? Well, honestly, it’s because they’ve never reacted in the right way to their failures. Remember when we fail, we must respond in a way that God wants us to. When we truly repent, He uses those failures to motivate us, to cultivate us into His image! Dear Child of God, everybody fails, but you must realize IT’S NOT FATAL! Just recognize the benefits, and move on!


This may come to a surprise to some of you, but God isn’t surprised when you fall. Just because you have “FALLING SHORTS”, doesn’t mean God stops loving you. This loving action is grace, my friends.

Psalm 103:14 For he knows what we are made of; he realizes we are made of clay.

God knows how you’re wired. He knows you’re just a human being with infirmities. God doesn’t expect you to be perfect. He just asks that you strive for it! Your failings don’t stop God from loving you even if you blow it! He doesn’t stop loving you when you have “FALLING SHORTS!”

Bearing my soul!

As an illustration, I started telling you my goals of being an evangelist when I was a young man. Here is the thing, I never made it. When I was younger I fell victim to this “participation trophy society“. The reason being, when I was younger, I had no drive. I only wanted to get by. I did not feel valuable. Church, I’m bearing my soul here, but I pretty much felt worthless. This caused me to skate by for much of my younger years. And as I visited my memories of my goal, I realized that my performance in my education, my spiritual walk, the whole works was lackluster.

Here’s the thing Church, my value as a person, my performance as an evangelist, or now as a “PowerCaster” has nothing to do with God’s love for me! GOD LOVES ME — PERIOD! Your value as a Saint of God has nothing to do with your performance, God loves you just as you are.

God says, “I love you — period!”

Church, God’s love for you and I depends on WHO HE IS. Our performance does not affect His love for us! His love is based on His character. You and I are worthy in the eyes of God! Because He doesn’t make junk!

Besides these facts, each of us should know that we are the apple of His eye. We don’t have to be perfect for God to love us. If you think you have to be perfect, you have missed the central message of God’s Word.

As we begin to close this “PowerCast”, my prayer is that you now understand that God says, “I love you, unconditionally. No matter what you have done, no matter the failures of your life, no matter how many times you have “FALLING SHORTS” GOD LOVES YOU!”

To summarize.

Let’s review the fundamental principles of God’s love for you.

1) There is nothing that you can do that will ever make God love you more than He does right now. Nothing.

2) There is nothing you can ever do that will ever make God love you any less than He does right now. You can’t make Him love you less because His love is based on who He is — a loving God.

When Jesus Christ died for you on the cross, He paid for every failure you will ever commit — the ones you did yesterday, the one’s today, and the one’s tomorrow. You can rest in God’s Grace. No matter how you failed Him, if you will repent of your sins, and either will be or have been baptized in the Name of Jesus and have filled with the Holy Ghost, God will pull you through that failure.

Some of you may have gone through major failures in your life, and some of you may be in them right now. Often when you’re in the middle of a failure, it’s difficult to see God’s hand in your life especially in this “participation trophy society“.

Yet, The Outspoken Apostolic wants you to know that our Christian life is not a failure-free life. We all fall short of the Glory of God. But what we do when we fall will be our witness to the world. How we handle our failures, how we handle our struggles, will be our testimonial.

Contrary to some beliefs!

Apostolics have failures just like non-Apostolics do. We have to live in this “participation trophy society” as well. How we handle them is the true issue, my friends. Are we so engrossed in projecting our perfect image that we have become self-reliant? Or do we show forth a life dependent on the grace of God? Depending on God’s grace is a lot better than fake perfection.

Saints, there is only one failure you need to fear in life. You need not fear any other failure except this one, but you need to fear that you fail in this area.


Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

This is the one failure you can never recover from, not to receive the remission of sins.

Without the remission of sins, you will go throughout life rejecting God’s love, God’s grace, God’s forgiveness, God’s power, God’s help. If you go throughout life rejecting this Truth of His Word, it will be inexcusable and irrecoverable. There is no action, no prayer, no handshake that will make up for doing that.

If you are listening to this “PowerCast” or watching it on our Bible studies, please understand you have breath in your life and you are not a major failure in your life. There is nothing that you could have done that will disqualify you from God’s love. As long as you have breath in your body, you are still in the race. If you want me to pray for you, email me at When you repented of your sins and want to be baptized in the Name of Jesus, then please email me at if I can’t make it, we will find a minister who would be happy to baptize you.

Biblical examples of failures.

Church, The Word Of God is full of examples of failures that God used in significant ways. Abraham failed with his wife. Isaac and Noah failed with their kids. Moses failed to control his anger and killed a guy. David had a moral failure, committed adultery, and then killed the husband.

God used these men, despite their failures. He can use you. If God only used perfect people, nothing would get done in this world, because there are no perfect people. None. If there are no perfect people, then God has to use imperfect people — and that means we’re all qualified! God looks for people with the “quality” of imperfection. That’s me! God uses imperfect people. That’s called grace.

In Closing.

Giving your failures to God will be your greatest life message! Your greatest contribution to this “participation trophy society” and this world. Let Him transform you and teach you through your “FALLING SHORTS!” God can even use your area of failure to teach others. So that others may be delivered.

I don’t care what failure you struggle with and stumble over. Nothing will change God’s purpose for your life. God still has a plan and a purpose for your life. God still has a place for you in this world! No matter your “FALLING SHORTS”!

Outspoken Apostolic

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